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Goat(for printing patterns)

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Goat plates lippie fur asian leopard cat

Fur type and product catalog:
Goat(for printing patterns), FUR PLATES

Affectionate nickname "lippy" reed cat received for his amazing resemblance to a leopard. A light background with a golden tint is covered with exactly the same spots., like a huge predator, only the color of the cat is a little smaller. The advantages of reed cat fur products are impressive:

Lippy fur is very warm, he has warmth- and windproof properties and is great for the Russian winter.
Jungle cat fur has antiseptic properties, preventing the growth of various bacteria and microbes.
Hygroscopicity and breathability, due to which there is no unpleasant greenhouse effect.
Unmatched bristle elasticity. The finished product does not wrinkle for a long time, does not deform and maintains a beautiful appearance.
Lippy fur is not electrified.
Strong at seam retention and abrasion resistant, which provides clothing durability and prolongs its life.
Light elegant jackets are made from the fur of a reed cat, original coats with an unusual cut of the collar, luxury fur coats with and without hoods, luxury vests and other products.

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  • Product information
Product Goat plates lippie fur asian leopard cat
The size 60x120cm
Material goat
Colour leopard print
Maximum order quantity 2 PC.
Payment Valiants T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal
Shipment time 3-5 days after payment
Packaging Packed with plastic bags, cardboard boxes or according to customer's special request.


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